A Washington man was arrested for a crime made in 1993 with the help of a genealogy kit.

On Wednesday, the Washington state officials had arrested 62-years-old Alan Edward Dean in connection to the unsolved homicide of a teenage girl based in Snohomish County.

On Tuesday, Dean was arrested and charged with the first-degree murder as well as the kidnapping of the 15-years-old Melissa Lee, who was strangled and thrown from a bridge around 27 years ago.

The investigators had used the genealogy kit and DNA evidence to link Dean to Lee’s homicide.

Sheriff Adam Fortney, of Snohomish County, said, “We never gave up hope that we would find Melissa’s killer. The arrest yesterday shows how our detective’s determination, combined with new advancements in DNA technology, continues to get us one step closer to justice for victims and their families, even decades later.”

The Prosecutors claimed to ask Dean to be held on a $2 million bond. They also believed that Dean was a suspect in Lee’s murder in 1993 as well but the investigators might have hit the roadblock.

A Washington man was arrested for a crime made in 1993 with the help of a genealogy kit.
A Washington man was arrested for a crime made in 1993 with the help of a genealogy kit.

The investigators believed that Dean was staying less than 4 miles away from where Lee’s body was discovered and he was working on a day shift nearby before Lee’s death.

Dean was identified as a suspect using the “genetic genealogy method.” A digital file containing every information related to the crime scene was uploaded to the genetic genealogy website establishing Dean’s connection to Lee’s murder.

The Sheriff’s Department claimed that “After Parabon’s genealogists deduced Dean’s identity, detectives subsequently acquired an abandoned DNA sample from a cigarette butt he had used. Washington State Patrol’s crime lab confirmed that it positively matched the DNA profile from the crime scene evidence.”

The sheriff claimed that the investigation is still ongoing and that they are asking around for more information from 1993. They are also seeking information from people who had been 35 years of age when Lee was found dead.

Dean was also suspected to have a connection with the “night talk line” and took up fake names like Michael or Mike. The investigators are looking around to get insight information if Dean had any access to chemicals like Ethyl Ether or Heptane around the time when the crime took place.

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