A woman who intentionally coughed on a one year child being searched by the California police.

New York has got a great setback due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was indeed one of the hardest-hit states in the country but after prolonged lockdown and due to taking correct measures, it has been able to overcome the pandemic quite efficiently. Now, it is taking various measures to get back things to normal. One more such initiative has been taken. 

Under the CARES Act, $65 million will be issued to the child care providers in New york. $20 million will be for operating along with maintaining social distancing and carrying the capacity. They can buy partitions, rent rooms, but supplies from this amount. 

The rest $45 million is to motivate the child care providers to open new classrooms.

$65 made available to the child care providers in new york through the CARES Act.
$65 made available to the child care providers in new york through the CARES Act.

If they open new classrooms, they will get a 50% payout up to a maximum of $6000. This incentive will see more classrooms opening for the children. 

According to the officials, even during the lockdown, more than 65% of child care facilities were operating and were mostly serving the children of essential workers. 

Only those child care providers will be able to get this incentive who was closed as of June 15 and planned to reopen within 2 weeks or those who are operating under their licensed capacity and they are planning to expand.

The fund will be issued in multiple phases and the providers have to submit the whole account of how they are going to use this fund. 

Governor Cuomo said that “As we move further into the reopening and more parents go back to work, we’re also making sure child care programs across the state have the support they need to reopen safely, By providing support for expanded classrooms that allow for more social distancing and other resources, we can help keep staff and children safe.” 

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