Abhay Web Series Season 1 and Season 2

Abhay Web Series Season 1 and Season 2
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Abhay is an original Hindi crime thriller series. Kunal Khemu’s digital debut, together with Elnaaz norouzi, Sandeepa Dhar, and Namit Das and the web series was directed by Ken Ghosh and produced under the banner of Fiction Factory Productions by B. P. Singh. Ambassador Abhay Pratap Singh stars with the mind of a criminal, in the series as an investigative officer. On 7 February 2019, the first season was aired on ZEE5 with eight episodes.

Abhay Web Series Season 1 and Season 2
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The series was renovated for a second season, known as Abhay 2. Khemu took over the role of actor, and Ram Kapoor and Chunky Pandey took on their role as antagonistic players. Furthermore, Bidita Bag, Raghav Juyal, Indraneil Sengupta and Asheema Vadaan are featured in the second season. On 14 August 2020 Abhay 2, which is directed by Ghosh and produced by B.P. Singh, will be released on the same OTT platform.

Kunal Kemmu, who plays a cop from the Special Task Force who investigates unsolved crimes, is a thriller that indulges in excessive gore and wastes its potential. The creators appear to relish a detailed description of depravity.

Abhay season 1 story plot and reviews


In the first season of Abhay the story goes around the respected SP of the city Abhay Pratap Singh who with help of his teams solves criminal cases. Abhay Pratap Singh’s son Saahil towards whom inspector Abhay is very possessive due to his past which includes officer Natasha and Govind. Abhay was the reason behind the death of govind’s family and that is why govind is all set to take revenge from inspector Abhay Pratap Singh.

Season 1 Review

The first part was about the infamous Pandher case, in which an employer and his helpers kidnapped, struck, cut off, and ate a large number of children while holding their bellies. The first of these was the Pandher case.

Abhay Web Series Season 1 and Season 2

This level of depravity, in my opinion, cannot be filmed. And the first episode, in which I was chopping the bodies of children with Friday’s (Gopal Singh) cannibal crime fellow, had filled me with revulsions, not so much because of the savage violence as it was being screened.

The producer, B.P. Singh, is a sort of Indian crime expert on television. His CID, India’s longest-running TV show, was well-received by families.

The two episodes of Singh’s web series “Abhay” that I have seen appear to be depravity. The children are tortured and murdered, a psychopath dressed as a cat chains a woman to a bed, and parents shake their heads at their son’s cook, all this while ‘Bhajan’ plays in the background may be something other than this could have been better.

Furthermore, the protagonist Abhay, who scowls constantly as if he had something he didn’t agree with in the morning, must deal with his own demons (played by Iranian actress Elnaaz Norouzi).

Anshuman Jha plays the aforementioned ‘honhaar Beta,’ who murders his parents and imprisons a social media girl, who is also a true crime, in the second episode.

Anshuman unwinds in the avatar of his sociopath. Something is clearly wrong, as evidenced by the evil glint in his eye. Maybe he knows something we don’t.

While the denouement in both episodes was not convincing, and minor characters appeared and delivered lines as if listening to “The X Files,” the overall presentation was tight and absorbing.

The violent content, on the other hand, must be toned down to avoid brutal insensitivity. Kunal exclaims, “Mader… rape karta hain ka,” as he asks the abuser, “Main toh toh bachon ko pyar karta hoon.” Keep an eye out for people who take advantage of the freedom of digital space. Freedom entails a great deal of responsibility. B.P. Singh, the former producer who now leads the FTII, should be aware of this.

Season 2 plot

Set a year after the events of the first season, Abhay continues to hunt cruel murderers and monsters with his trademark anferness and novel deductions until a very smart criminal mastermind with no name or past turns his world upside down and traps him and everyone else in a maze that will test the very fibre of Abhay’s morality. He plays the villain’s game better than the villain could have hoped, but the game still does what it is supposed to do. The villain lies and tries to deceive Abhay. It begins to affect Abhay; the pressure of saving the children, as well as his past secrets, make him vulnerable, but even at the end, he remains incorruptible.

Abhay Web Series Season 1 and Season 2
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‘Abhay 2’ liberally and unapologetically borrows from classic Hollywood thrillers like ‘Saw,’ ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ and even has a character based on the ‘Joker.’ Despite this, there are a few cliches. As in the case of Sonam (Asha Negi), the idealistic young journalist who is the only one covering every major case, and the cop’s amusing sidekick, who will goof off and crack jokes even when dead bodies pile up.

‘Abhay 2,’ on the other hand, receives high marks for its quick-paced developments and revelations, as well as a couple of strong performances. As the title character, Kunal Kemmu’s understated and restrained performance is a definite winner. His straight-backed demeanour and perfectly chiselled body complement his blunt and witty character, who is looking for his suspects. The portrayal of Khushboo, a bright and young officer, by Nidhi Singh is promising. Ram Kapoor, the film’s “main villain,” appears late but manages to create enough intrigue around his complex character, who appears to be a genius gone wrong. However, when portraying such twisted characters, there is room for more nuance than just devilish grins and laughs. Bidita Bag appears to be the most titillating and perverse psycho killer, inflicting pain in the name of orgasmic pleasure.

There’s also plenty of gore and blood to keep the genre afloat. The setting of north India’s interiors contributes significantly to the intrigue value. Aparna Nadig and Alka Shukla’s dialogues are thankfully non-dramatic, with fewer gaalis, which have recently become the most lazy way of depicting small-town crimes.

What distinguishes ‘Abhay 2’ is that it stays ahead of the curve with its crisp writing and fast-paced execution, making it an entertaining watch.


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