Everything You Need To Know About Adam Sandlers Hustle Movie, A Solid Sports Movie

Everything You Need To Know About Adam Sandlers Hustle Movie; A Solid Sports Movie

Adam Sandler was once a glimpse of what streaming could become. And his early Netflix films, including The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over, and Sandy Wexler, accurately predicted the streaming service’s future, which would be defined by a McDonald’s-style approach to filmmaking.

Sandler has also directed a number of critically acclaimed films. If you wanted to, you could call it a side hustle.


Sandler was a pioneer of online entertainment and one of the first major Hollywood artists to go to streaming after realizing that his audience preferred to watch fart joke-heavy movies at home. The actor has long been associated with low-budget “comedies” that are harder to watch than how-to movies on conveyor belts.

Everything about Sandler’s career—all three decades—felt like a big practical joke meant to demonstrate the film industry’s hunger for success and the public’s hunger for garbage, and how both can be abused.

However, he dazzled audiences with his emotional range in films such as Punch-Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, and, ironically, Funny People.

Sandler’s latest serious film, Hustle, a Netflix sports drama following The Meyerowitz Stories and Uncut Gems, demonstrates him to be not only one of the most talented American leading men in recent decades, comedic or otherwise, but also a master flimflammer.

Sandler is regarded as one of the most accomplished actors in cinema history. There was no way those Happy Madison comedies weren’t satirical, right?


He plays Stanley Sugerman in Hustle, a famous fictitious basketball scout for the Philadelphia 76ers who has spent his daughter’s previous nine birthdays on the road, living out of five-star hotels and single-handedly keeping the fast-food industry alive.

He has, however, reached the end of his rope and wishes to pursue a career as a coach. Ben Foster delivers a scene-stealing performance as his new boss. That would be his last chance to find and bring in the game’s next big star, or he’d lose his job.

Critics have given the most praise to Sandler’s performance. “Sandler portrays a down-on-his-luck, dejected person looking for a challenge and change in an open-hearted, humanistic manner. He’s a capable actor who can play both the tragic and comic aspects of the character “Courtney Howard of the AV Club says (opens in new tab).

“Hernangómez, a newcomer to the film, plays Sandler’s coworker with tenderness and delicate grace. There are several notable basketball-star cameos, but their presence does not slow down or detract from the film’s tempo; rather, it adds credibility to the film.”

According to Stephanie Zacharek (opens in new tab) of Time, “With that in mind, Sandler’s recent comedic performances have been outstanding, most notably as an awkward son living in the shadow of his successful father in Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).

He plays Stanley with a neurotic, self-deprecating air, almost too happy with his lack of success. He’s an excellent choice for the part. One of the film’s more subtle pleasures is his growth as a fighter.”

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