AH1N2 Mutation Discovered In Brazil Can Be A Potential Pandemic Virus

Researchers have discovered in Brazil a mutation of influenza AH1N2 with pandemic potential that is transmitted from pigs to humans.

This is not the first time that variants of AH1N2 influenza have been detected. In fact, the virologist Marilda Siqueira explained to O Globo that since 2005 they have met 25 times.

However, the variant recently found by researchers at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute is different from all the others discovered in the world, although it is not known exactly what it means.

“If it gives you more or less risk,” Siqueira explained, stressing that they need to look for more cases.

Last year (2019) in the month of April, the virus mutation was identified in a 22-year-old lady who worked in a slaughterhouse in Ibipora, in Paraná. The specialist informed that the lady had a “mild case of the flu,” but she has fully recovered RT notes.

AH1N2 Mutation Discovered In Brazil Can Be A Potential Pandemic Virus
AH1N2 Mutation Discovered In Brazil Can Be A Potential Pandemic Virus

“This variant of the AH1N2 influenza virus has pandemic potential, but that does not mean it will cause a pandemic,” virologist Siqueira told.

The specialist explained that when she says that it has a “pandemic potential” it is because influenza viruses are very contagious and the population does not have immunity to them.

“All the evidence we have is that it is transmitted with difficulty from the pig to humans, and is not transmitted from one person to another. Therefore, it is not easily transmitted. It would have to undergo mutations that would give it the ability not only to jump between species but to be effectively transmissible in our species, ” Siqueira said.

Despite that, experts will remain vigilant for this variant because it would be devastating to have an AH1N2 outbreak in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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