Alita: Battle Angel fans have something big in mind ahead of the movie’s re-release in theaters

The voices are quite clear and loud over the internet of supporting the theatrical re-release of Alita: Battle Angel and if you are one of them then practically you should be included in the Alita Army. The folks in the Alita Arm are all set to raise awareness about the re-issue of Alita: Battle Angel on October 30 into the theaters. 

Due to their passionate fans, a goal of $1,587 was raised under an hour and plans are to secure a prime billboard in Orlando, Florida, using that money, which is particularly placed in a strategic location keeping two important goals in mind. 

The first and the most important goal is to keep Alita: Battle Angel in the green light for a sequel and thus to draw Disney’s attention, which is considered to be practical for various campaigns. However, there’s another reason associated with picking up this location too. To this reason, fans seem to attach a more philanthropic gesture as the billboard is not just close to the Walt Disney World resort but is in an area that is also near an AMC Theatres location.

Movie theaters have positively responded to the Alita’s Army demand to provide yet another chance to witness the theatrical Alita: Battle Angel and now the fandom is willing to give back to the theaters in some form or the other because right now theaters seem to have a bit of a rough time in attracting the audience back to the blockbusters. 

Thus, it’s quite a possibility that the place sparked by the Alita fandom’s obsession would keep the lights on longer due to the involvement of moviegoers as well as Disney’s eyes that are literally trained on that billboard. 

Aishwarya parab
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