All updates of Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Now the season 6 of Call of Duty mobile season is live on iOS and Android. The game has included three multiplayer game modes and two new maps.

This version of Call of Duty has shed the military theme. The main update of this season is the inclusion of the Rust Map which is available for multiplayer modes.

The Rust map will assist the players to locate the enemies. As mentioned before the season has come with gaming mode. These capture the flag, 1V1 Duel mode, kill confirmed.

You can find similarity of 1V1 Duel mode and 4V4 Deathmatch and the only difference is there will be two players instead of four who will battle it out in the map. Another update in this season is new weapons.

All updates of Call of Duty Mobile Season 6
All updates of Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Wild West MSMC and Outlaw Sniper rifle are accessible for players along with new annihilator operator skill which can be used in the Free Battle Pass.

This season will also come with two added events name Rust the Dust and Gold Rush. Players who will rank higher or as a veteran will get the chance to join Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 to get various in-game rewards.

A player needs to qualify to the second stage to get a chance to form teams with other selected players. Another update is tasks have been uninvolved from the battle pass.

Players now require earning battle pass XP to boost their stage. Players have to participate in Limited time modes, Multiplayer, Battle Royale, to grant Battle Pass XP.

The events of this series are now separated into four types which are seasonal, daily, featured, and more. There are many gameplay optimizations have been done including Weapons balance and UI changes.

The events of this season have been optimized to present diversified ranges of challenge levels and rewards.

Mohit has worked with the team of Google too in hosting some of their summits and bagged appreciations .