An Introduction to Classic Football Kits

An Introduction to Classic Football Kits

Buying a classic football kit is all the rage at the moment – everyone loves sports, and there is sure to be at least one classic piece of kit that you care about. It doesn’t matter whether you support a bigger and better-known football team or a smaller, less well-known football club, you probably have a favorite player, and that means you might be wanting to buy merchandise based on your favorite player or your favorite team. The old football kit market is a big one, and it is easy to buy replicas of iconic shirts. If you want an authentic classic football kit, that might be harder, but high-quality replicas of football shirts are everywhere. No matter how obscure your favorite player is, from classic icons to local heroes, it is possible to find the retro football shirt you need if you are willing to look for it. Let us explore the basics of buying classic football gear online, from what is available to why you might want to buy a retro football kit, to where the best places to look for older football shirts might be.

What is a Classic Football Kit?

Classic football kit is a general term that covers a wide range of different football shirt styles and designs. Football shirts are redesigned constantly, with players joining and leaving teams, changing colors and numbers all of the time. Beyond that, shirt designers make changes to football kits, and new sponsorship deals can radically change the look of your favorite team at a moment’s notice. A modern kit could look quite different from the same team’s older shirts, so there is more than one style available for each player and each team. While you might be keen on the current football kit design of your team, an older shirt might mean more to you, so there is a booming market for replicas of classic styles and looks.

Retro football shirts can be harder to find than the current designs because the officially licensed retailers tend to focus on the current styles, numbers, and colors, keeping up with the changing market rather than maintaining a stock of outdated shirts. It is still possible to find these older designs, though, and the classic football shirt market is a separate one from the contemporary football shirt replica sales market.

The term “classic football kit” is generally used to refer to older designs that older fans might view as iconic. There is no set line for how old a design has to be in order to be counted as a “classic” or “retro” football kit, but as a general rule, most designs that are not current are probably part of the classic market.

Why buy Retro Football Shirts?

If you have been following football for a while, you might find that you care more about older designs of shirts than the current styles. You might also find that your favorite player is no longer with your favorite team, and actually, you’d prefer to own a replica of one of their older shirts that combine your favorite player and team into one item. The other big reason to track down specific retro football shirts is to fill in gaps in a collection. Are you collecting a specific period’s football items? Do you have a long term collection of football shirts through the ages with a few gaps in it? Then buying a classic football shirt might be just what you need.

Where to buy Classic Football Shirts online

Current football shirts are easy to buy directly from officially licensed retailers and the team in question itself, but classic football kits can be a bit trickier. The internet has the answers, though! One of the best places to look for retro football shirts is eBay, as there are many great stores specializing in football shirts, such as Classic Football Kit. These eBay stores often have massive libraries of football kits going back decades, meaning that you can find exactly what you are looking at without having to compromise.

It is worth noting, however, that lower quality replicas are everywhere. Make sure you buy from a store or site you trust, ideally one with a long history and positive reviews. What you want is a store with a genuine love for football kits, not some factory looking to make a quick buck!


Buying a classic football kit online is easier than you might think. This is a thriving market, and there are some great quality replicas of retro football shirts available online. No matter how obscure the kit you are looking for is, you should be able to find it somewhere!

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