Analysts believe that Beijing may start targeting Washington’s allies as the -US-China- cold war is here

The world is hit hard by the corona pandemic and no industry has been left spared. It has
caused great overall distress on the economy as a whole. Most of the affluent nations of the world are suffering the pandemic too including the US, UK, Italy, Spain among the others. The nations are locked down and most of the economic activities have ceased. Although, as the Pandemic is slowing down, most of the nations are eyeing reopening their country on a strategic basis.

As the origin of the virus is still not yet clear, China has been viewed with an eye of suspicion throughout the world, with many countries including the US openly speaking against the Chinese policies regarding the virus spread. The US china relations are now running at an all-time low.

Dan Ikenson said that “Many economic redundancies will emerge as the United States and
China replicate efforts and compete for the allegiances of the rest of the world by offering
carrots and threatening sticks,”. Although relations have never been very good between the US and China, ever since 2018, there has only been a decline of understanding between them. What started in 2018 as a trade war is continued to till date with taking many forms, now including the virus blame game.

Analysts believe that Beijing may start targeting Washington's allies as the -US-China- cold war is here
Analysts believe that Beijing may start targeting Washington’s allies as the -US-China- cold war is here

Amidst the rising tension, China proposed a security law in Hong Kong that will almost demolish their democracy and can put an end to their freedom of speech, just like in mainland China. It will also hurt the autonomous identity of hong kong. The US has said against the law openly and has even said that they could take some serious actions if the law is passed. China has replied back by even telling them to mind their own business.

These incidents have led to rising tension and cold war between the US and China. Analysts
now suggest that China could adopt wolf warrior diplomacy. In this method, they will target all the alliances of the White House and try to weaken their Positions internationally. It’s called the wolf warrior diplomacy, a term made popular by a series of movies. Although, they are not expected to confront each other in any war-like scenario.

TS Lombard’s Jonathan Fenby said that “While it will react rhetorically, China does not want to get into a full-scale confrontation with the US at the present time. It wants to concentrate on containing the virus, reviving the economy and pushing through the security law in Hong Kong,” “Relations with the US have some influence on these issues but are not the main concern right now.” Let’s see what happens. To remain updated with more such news, stay tuned with us.

Vinayaka Dalmia
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