Arsenal Might Take The Premier League Title


    The Premier League is among the top 5 soccer leagues in the world and definitely the most interesting because they have a lot of famous clubs competing for the title. Everyone expected that Manchester City would do an amazing job this year because Haaland has been in the team for a while, and it’s their time to win everything.

    A lot of players are coming from other leagues to join some of the English teams. For example, Serie A picks are not so interesting now when too much chaos is going on with their best club Juventus. They might end up in the last spot because of controversies that the players have nothing to do with.

    How Are They at the Top?

    No one assumed that Arsenal would take the lead in the most competitive soccer league in the world, but they had brilliant games from the start. With Saliba, White, Gabriel, and Zinchenko in the back, it’s very hard to score against them, which is why they are second on the table when it comes to goal difference. Manchester City will probably be the only team that has a better goal difference.

    They are more focused on the middle, where Odegaard, Partney, and Xhaka are taking the lead and controlling the game. This was their tactic against Manchester United at the beginning of 2023, where they won 3:2. It’s very important to mention that they don’t have forward players that have a lot of goals scored on their own. They still don’t have anyone that scored over 10 goals.

    Another reason is that they don’t actually have great competition except for a couple of clubs. A lot of big names in the soccer world are having a hard time managing their team. The ones that a lot of people are expecting are losing the titles, and average clubs are rising to the top. Chelsea is trying to do something with the record-breaking purchases when it comes to the number of players.

    Will They Win It?

    In theory, there are a few clubs that can cause some damage to Arsenal, like Newcastle, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham, but in reality, only Manchester City has a chance to win the title again. The problem is that Haaland isn’t enough, and they will need a bit of luck to catch up to them.

    What Arsenal can do is just focus on their league games because they are not in the Champions League this season, and winning the title would change everything for them. This season seems like the one where Leicester took the title out of nowhere. This doesn’t mean that Arsenal isn’t a strong team, but they were close many times without success.

    Premier League Surprise

    One of the biggest surprises isn’t Arsenal. Instead, Chelsea and Fulham are doing something great but very different. Chelsea is already preparing for the next season with a lot of transfers, but many people think this is a bad move considering that only 11 players are on the field. This also means that a lot of them will go somewhere on a loan which isn’t a great thing for the player.

    A lot of people are mocking Graham Potter for the things he’s doing, and being in the middle of the table is putting salt in his wound. The great thing is that most of the players that are coming are experienced but also young. They will have the opportunity to play a lot of games in the Premier League by the end of the season.

    On the other hand, Fulham doesn’t have to make big changes being a small team compared to Chelsea or Manchester. Their goals weren’t so big a few years ago when they were in the middle of the table for the Championship league. Today, they are among the best teams in England, trying to reach the Europa League at least. It will be a very exciting end of the season in May 2023.


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