At Least 100 Federal Inmates Have Died Due To Coronavirus In The US

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, 100 people have died from the disease in federal prisons.

According to CBS News, which cites data from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), the agency reached this figure on Saturday. In addition, 129 thousand people are held in 122 federal prisons in the country.

According to the BOP, more than 35,000 of these inmates have undergone coronavirus tests, of which 10,000 have tested positive at some point.

CBS News indicated that three of the deceased are women, highlighting the case of Andrea Circle Bear, a woman who gave birth to her sixth child while connected to a respirator.

The 30-year-old woman was sentenced last January to 26 months in prison for distributing methamphetamine. She died on April 28, four weeks after the birth of her daughter, whom she did not know and whom she did not know.

At Least 100 Federal Inmates Have Died Due To Coronavirus In The US
At Least 100 Federal Inmates Have Died Due To Coronavirus In The US

The BOP said that the young woman suffered from a pre-existing disease that put her at greater risk after developing Covid-19.

The grandmother of the deceased, Clara LeBeau, told CBS News that she was not allowed to see her granddaughter when she came to pick up the baby, nor was she informed of her condition. His death took her by surprise.

The aforesaid media also indicated that a low-security federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, is one of the most affected by the pandemic. BOP noted that 16 inmates have died of coronavirus, more than in any other federal prison in the country.

Attorney General William Barr instructed the BOP in March to send older inmates with pre-existing conditions to their homes; Some 7,000 of them have been sent to home confinement.

That figure is not acceptable, states Sharon Dolovich, director of UCLA’s “Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project”, according to CBS.

As of this Monday, the aforementioned media highlighted, more than 82,000 inmates had been infected and 735 had died. As for workers, there were 19,300 cases and 56 deaths.

Moreover, the BOP reported that only one federal employee has died from the virus: Charlynn Phillips, who worked in Butner and lost her life in June. It does not take into account the case of Robin Grubbs, 39.

The Atlanta worker tested positive for the virus after a posthumous test. However, the cause of death was not determined to be Covid-19 because the autopsy was not completed.