Atlantis: The Sequel We Never Saw

Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ is perhaps one of the most underrated movies in Disney history. Released in 2001, although its box office was not bad at all, it did not quite materialize among the public. Perhaps she was too adult for children and a little childish for adults.

By staying in a kind of ‘no man’s land’, the film did not take off and has been largely forgotten, especially since it came after the so-called ‘Disney Renaissance’, with films like ‘ Tarzan ‘ or ‘ Mulán ‘Despite everything,

The film is being increasingly claimed and, had it been successful in the year of its premiere, perhaps we could have seen a very similar second part, with a much darker tone (different from the sequel that came to us.

‘ The return of Milo ‘, which was released directly on DVD). Kirk Wise, the director of the original, has spoken to Collider to discuss the plans that never materialized.

Atlantis: The Sequel We Never Saw
Atlantis: The Sequel We Never Saw

“Believe it or not, we planned it. John Sanford (the story supervisor), Gary Trousdale, and I came up with an idea for a sequel to ‘Atlantis’, totally unrelated to the series based on the movie Disney developed. This was going to be a brand new movie in theatres that would have blown your mind.

We were going to have a new villain. This villain was going to be wearing a big, terrifying, World War I-style outfit with gas to hide his face, something very similar to Darth Vader.

And this villain was going to try to conquer Atlantis, finishing the job that Rourke was not able to get. And the big twist in the climax of the movie was going to be that the villain turned out to be Helga Sinclair ”

Recall that, at the end of the film, Helga Sinclair, one of the villains, fell from the top of a hot air balloon and we believed her dead. According to Kirk Wise’s idea, she would be the new villain.