Australian government implements policies to save consumers from huge energy bills.

With the increase in everyday productivity, we tend to consume more energy for daily life, whether domestic or industrial purposes. Either way, the consumers end up bagging massive energy bills. Ultimately we end up blaming the government for high market prices and not caring enough to bring down the prices.

But have you ever thought that you might be unaware of the policies that the Australian government has implemented in favor of consumers? Yes, you heard it right, apparently, the government of Australia’s AEMC (Australian Energy Market Commission) which declares and governs the energy market has implemented certain strict regulations against the retailers to prevent huge energy bill scams.

In 2019, AEMC also revised new regulation policies against the retailers billing procedures. This was a huge relief for the consumers who took advantage of it. AEMC enforced the laws under the ” National Energy Retail Law”. According to this law, it enacts the following rules to be followed mandatorily 

  • The Rules: (reference
  • Present the exact content of the consumer protection standards and model agreements that direct the connections between customers, retailers, and distributors.
  • Facilitate the provision of electricity and gas services to retail customers, including rules relating to: 
    • customer connections
    • retail competition – allowing customers to choose between competing retailers and to switch their retailer
    • energy-specific consumer protections
    • basic terms and conditions contained in standard and market retail contracts.

How are these rules helpful for consumers?

Well, the mentioned regulations are strictly in favor of consumers and have clear instructions in retailing the energy services. According to the rules to put in a simpler version, the law says;

  • The consumer is free to choose his energy retailer regardless of any obligation the current provider implies.
  • The consumer can compare energy plans and switch his/her energy plan at any period if they are not satisfied with the services.
  • The retailer cannot force the consumer to switch or to stay with the plan under any non-contractual circumstances.
  • Every retailer is supposed to provide clear-cut charges on the bill provided upon suspicious complaints.

Service industries tend to save maximum resources and earn more from the consumer’s pocket. With a little knowledge of the market and very little effort, you can save on your energy bills.

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Know your rights before you get exploited financially by your supplier and switch to a better plan. 

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