Baby Dies in Car Due to Long Exposure to Heat; Caregiver Was at Work

The fragile body of a one-year-old baby was found, securely fastened to a baby capsule, inside a car, on Indian Hill Road in Orlando on Friday. Official reports claim that Jace Leslie was left in the car alone, for a prolonged period of time, exposed to the extreme heat. After receiving a distressing 911 call from the reported area, emergency responders arrived on the scene, only to discover the lifeless body of the baby.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of the investigation, currently. Officials have claimed, that Jace was “left by a caregiver inside a vehicle in a rear-facing car seat for several hours, while his caregiver was at work”. The Sheriff’s Office released an update on Saturday, stating that, the caregiver was supposed to drop off Jace at the Indian Hill Road address, before reporting to work, but the caregiver did not drop Jace off on Friday.

Instead, when the caregiver came to pick baby Jace up from the daycare, he was found to be dead. The official temperature in Orlando was soaring till 87 degrees. The nearby pedestrians apparently attended to the child, making futile attempts to revive the child. The Sheriff’s Office claimed that there is no link between the unfortunate death of the baby and the house, at Indian Hill location, in front of which the car was parked.

Neighbours around the Indian Hill location, claimed the house to be a daycare, but evidence suggests that it was not authorized. The Florida Department of Children and Families list of registered and authorized daycare centers does not include the location in question.

An official report claimed that, “Detectives believe Jace died as a result of being inside the hot car for an extended period, but they must wait on the medical examiner’s office for an official cause of death”. A study conducted by the Arizona State University, revealed that an immobile vehicle, under the sun, can gain an average cabin temperature of 116 degrees. 

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