Bailey Boswell found guilty of first-degree murder : Sydney Loofe case

LEXINGTON, Neb. (KHGI) – A jury has seen Bailey Boswell as liable on three charges in the demise of Sydney Loofe. 

The decision for first-degree murder, scheme to submit murder and inappropriate removal of human skeletal remains descended not long before 1 p.m. on Wednesday. 

The State of Nebraska is looking for capital punishment for this situation. 

Aubrey Trail, Boswell’s accomplice for this situation, was seen as liable in July 2019. 

Examiners said Loofe’s passing was an arranged snatching and slaughtering. Aubrey Trail’s lawyer said Loofe’s murdering was a mishap that happened as she, Trail, and Boswell played out a consensual sex dream. 

Police discovered pieces of Sydney Loofe’s body in provincial Clay County, Nebraska more than two days in December 2017. Loofe’s body had been eviscerated and parts of her body were found in a few trash containers east of Clay Center in Clay County. 

A cellphone Bailey Boswell used to get to her Tinder account was utilized close to where the body parts were found. 

Store security video in Lincoln indicated Aubrey Trail and Boswell purchasing apparatuses and supplies utilized in the dissection on November 15. 

A dissection finished up Loofe kicked the bucket from strangulation. Trail confessed to choking Loofe with an additional line and Boswell helped tidy up the wrongdoing scene.

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