Beloved mom shot dead by her ex-boyfriend in a murder-suicide.


  • A 37-year old woman was shot dead by her boyfriend
  • The boyfriend soon after killed himself as well
  • 11-year old son witnessed the sad incident and called 911

Inside Story:

In an unfortunate event, a 37-year old woman was killed by her boyfriend. The boyfriend killed himself after killing the lady.

Amanda Boring, 37 was driving around 10 PM in the Cover Hill section of Conemaugh Township. She had her 11-year old son accompanying her. Her boyfriend, William Yarina, 38 from Pennsylvania. drove and hit her car at the rear. 

This made Amanda step out of the car and the two, Amanda and William got into an argument. William then took out the gun and shot Amanda. After putting a bullet in Amanda, William shot himself too.

Amanda’s son witnessed the cold-blooded murder of his mother and called 911.


Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees confirmed that the 11-year old son of Amanda was unharmed during this tragic encounter.

Both, Amanda and William, were pronounced dead at the site with a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Officer also confirmed that there was ongoing trouble between the two which could have been the cause of such impulsive and deadly steps.


Amanda is survived by two sons, one who called the emergency services after the grim incident and another who was not available at the crime scene.

An impulsive decision just did not take away two lives but also ruined two young lives.

We urge everyone not to act on impulse ever! 

Stay safe! Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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