Best New Netflix Movies In December 2021

The Power Of The Dog”

Jane Campion’s sculpted almost-Western stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a repressed cattle rancher who enjoys the scent of his stench, Jesse Plemons as his more civilised but codependent brother, and Kirsten Dunst as his inward-coiling wife who eventually erupts. 

The promise of Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee as Peter, Dunst’s slender and otherworldly kid whose gimlet eyes conceal wells of mystery, anguish, and wrath, is the genuine deal in “The Power of the Dog.” 

Ari Wegner’s ominous picture of 1920s Montana is woven across this tapestry of outstanding performers.


The ominous delights of “Closer” are virtually invisible in the hands of a skilled filmmaker: 

The passage of time is barely acknowledged, a rose from a hotel lobby quickly becomes an ineffective leaving gift, and a photograph of the saddest girl you have ever seen reveals a great giant lie. And, as Alice informs Larry, “everyone likes a big gigantic lie.”

“Minority Report”

“Minority Report” not only includes one of Spielberg’s most completely fleshed-out, three-dimensional dystopian settings — you can feel the texture of every device and technical marvel — but also a spectacular performance by Tom Cruise. 

As a police investigator forced into the Precrime limelight over a crime he may or may not have committed, Cruise proves why he is such a charming celebrity and why he is so intriguing to watch even as he falls into the ethically problematic ground.

“The Lost Daughter” 

“The Lost Daughter” Maggie Gyllenhaal makes her feature film directorial debut with this version of enigmatic Italian novelist Elena Ferrante’s short novel about a lady on a mentally transportive summer vacation. 

Olivia Colman plays Leda, a translator whose seashore encounter with a younger woman (Dakota Johnson) and her kid sends her down a rabbit hole of memories about her own tangled history as a mom and one-time wife. 

Jessie Buckley’s always-excellent plays her childhood self in flashbacks that take on the frenetic pace as Leda tries to jump out of her world and into a fresh one.

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