Biden eyes historic opportunity as Trump’s star wanes in Texas

Democratic nominee Joe Biden is again in a close race with President Trump, making the chances of win for the party higher than expected. On Tuesday, democrats will go to the polls for their runoff primaries in Texas.

If this close race holds on then the chances for the party to win House seats, legislative districts or even Senate seat are going to increase a lot. 

Manny Garcia, who is the executive director of the Texas Democratic Party, said in an email to the reporters “This polls shows in the starkest terms yet that Joe Biden will win Texas in November. Texans are sick of the Trump show and want leaders with the empathy and experience to carry them forward.”

Biden eyes historic opportunity as Trump’s star wanes in Texas
Biden eyes historic opportunity as Trump’s star wanes in Texas

 On Sunday, shock waves reached the political world when a poll showed Biden 5 points ahead of Trump in the state. Biden was placed up with 48 points when Trump was down there with 43 points, according the survey by the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler.

The seven house seats now held by republicans in Texas are considered to be inside the competitive race this time. Democrats are already favoured to win in one open seat. The enthusiasm has already found its grip in the democratic side.

Brendan Steinhauser, the Texas GOP strategist said “The rural areas are much older than the urban and suburban areas. It is an older white community that votes Republican, and they are quite literally not the future of the state. Rural Texas is becoming a smaller and smaller part of Texas.”

As the corona virus infections are rising sharply in the state, Trump has been badly hit by the deterioration in the economy. Due to this, the Dallas Morning News poll had Texans disapproving of Trump’s handling of the pandemic; they gave 44 points out of 50. 

Steinhauser added “I don’t believe that Joe Biden is going to win by 5 points. I think Donald Trump is going to win narrowly, but it is competitive. Trump won by 9 points last time, and I would be surprised if he wins by more than 4 points. Something like 52-48 sounds pretty likely to me.”

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