Billionaire throws $50,000 party for daughter’s fourth birthday

No cheap party jokers here. 

Russian extremely rich person Vladimir Doronin and his accomplice, Kristina Romanova, arranged a detailed fourth birthday celebration party for their girl this end of the week in Miami, with a source disclosing to us the over-the-top slam cost around $50,000. 

The gathering included Cirque du Soleil-style entertainers and a lavish pastry bar in the terrace of their $16 million houses that once had a place with Shaquille O’Neal, we’re told. 

Instagram photographs of the slam show a merry go round and entertainers dressed as a cupcake, ballet dancer, and Winnie the Pooh. There was additionally a fire-breather and fire twirler, a brace walker wearing pink plumes, and various games. 

Doronin claims Aman resorts, with the New York City branch due to open in the old Crown Building on Fifth Avenue.

Tanmayi Roshini
A business administration student, writer, dancer, animal-lover, foodie, beach person, coin collector and an inquisitive homo sapien. Known for pink colour addiction, "wait let me take the picture of the sky" dialogue and cute yet chaotic split personality.


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