Black deer kills dog during the second attack in 2 years


A Pennsylvania pooch was fatally lacerated by a black bear and the pup’s owner suspects that the slayer could be the same bear that attacked her, less than two years ago.

Melinda Lebarron said she let her beloved dog, Bear, out of her Muncy Creek Township home to roam in her backyard, late Sunday. As per report, Melinda looked on in horror as the small black-and-white dog was killed by a black bear.

“That bear was going full force, and she started running, and it got her to about here,” while pointing to steps outside her home, Lebarron told the station. After that she saw the beast grab her little pup. 

Lebarron’s husband, Sid, said he used a curtain rod to break off their back door to frantically beat off the bear and keep the beast from entering their home.

“The bear had the dog pinned down against the step there, and that’s when I grabbed the curtain rod and was just trying to get the bear off the dog at that point,” Sid recalled.

This attack was sinisterly reminiscent of a December 2018 incident, during which Melinda was dragged into the woods by a bear. For this accident she has to spend more than two months in a hospital in order to recover from her injuries.

Melinda thanked her husband for being with her. For her, it was like a replay as it was almost the same way that happened back in 2018.

According to Melinda there’s “something wrong” with the bear that attacked her puppy, and her instinct tells, it’s the same animal that came after her nearly two years ago.

However, officials from the Pennsylvania Game Commission said they suspect it was a different bear as there were no cubs close by in the most recent incident.

“And there is no way to know, but all the evidence suggests that it’s not,” according to the Game Warden Jonathan Wyant.

Though, a trap has been placed in a nearby field to catch the bear.

Melinda Lebarron told, last year she was lucky enough to survive the 2018 attack, during which the bear bit and rolled on her for nearly 90 yards, leaving her with several injuries to her head, hip and shoulder.

Melinda regretted that she shouldn’t be there as it blew her head out of nowhere.


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