Black Father And Son Tackled And Handcuffed By Police On Charity Bike Ride

Andrew Boateng who is 43 years old was cycling with his son, Hugo who is 13 years old along the River Lea in Tottenham, north London when a plainclothes officer appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Andrew’s son.

Hugo was being mugged and he jumped into a thorny bush because of fear but was wrestled to the ground and threatened with a taser. Hugo said that he got scared because he thought that the Officer might be trying to give him corona so he ran. There was no place to go but in the bushes.

Hugo’s father said that he approached another officer with a gun in his hand who was threatening him and put him in the handcuffs.

Black Father And Son Tackled And Handcuffed By Police On Charity Bike Ride
Black Father And Son Tackled And Handcuffed By Police On Charity Bike Ride

According to the sources, Mr. Boateng said that he was feeling helpless when he was lay on his knees in handcuffs, not able to reach out to his son who was also on the ground with handcuffs.

The father is now in the fear about the long-term effect on his son’s mind. He said after this two apologetic community visited the family later that day. Mr. Boateng has filed a complaint against the unnecessary Police action on them.

The Metropolitan Police Officers said that they are receiving complaints from the public who are in relation with the case. The Police said they will take all the complaints seriously and will investigate what happened.

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