Black Narcissus’s Trailer Showcases Gemma Arterton Staring For The New BBC Mini-Series

Finally, the first trailer has been released for the new upcoming BBC mini-series, Black Narcissus.

The three part mini-series is said to be inspired and adapted from a popular 1939 novel by Rumer Godden which is all about the iconic tale of sexual repression and forbidden love.

The series features Gemma Arterton who appears as Sister Clodagh who also is among the leading cast in the show.

With her, the show also includes other popular casts like Diana Rigg (Victoria) as Mother Dorothea, Jim Broadbent (War and Peace) as Father Roberts, Gina McKee (Bodyguard) as Sister Adela and Rosie Cavaliero (Gentleman Jack) as Sister Briony.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet then make sure to watch it soon down below:

Also, reports say that the BAFTA award winner writer Amanda Coe is returning the haunting love story to its original setting in the 1930s as the western colonial order is about to explode into the crisis of the second world war.

Release Date

Black Narcissus is said to premiere first in the US on FX. The release date for the show is on 23rd November this year.  Also, it’s been confirmed that the show will air in the UK on BBC One this December.

The Plot

Black Narcissus focuses on the character namely, Sister Clodagh appears (Arterton) who is runs by St Faiths and travels to Nepal to set up a branch of their order in the remote palace of Mopu.

In the unfettered sensuality of the so-called House of Women, Sister Clodagh gets attracted to a handsome and damaged land agent namely, Mr. Dean (Nivola).

But as the repressed memories of Clodagh’s past become entangled with the tragic history of Princess Srimati, history seems doomed to repeat itself.

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