Boiler – Common Problems and How You Can Resolve Them

A boiler is an essential component of every building; without it, winters can be daunting. This is why a breakdown or failure in boilers can be miserable, especially during the winter season. Even though only experienced engineers can take care of the problem, there are some common problems that you can handle on your own. Continue reading to find the solution to these problems.

1) Problem with the settings

This problem can be indicated by the boiler not firing up when it should or coming on unexpectedly or the display on the thermostat showing a blank or error. This can result from a change in settings due to a power cut or someone unintentionally touching the panel. So you should check the settings and adjust them according to the manual. Ensure that the central heating dial is turned up and the thermostat settings are correct.

The temperature should be correct for the boiler to fire up. Moreover, also try replacing batteries to get the thermostat panel working. You must use Utility Bidder to get good deals on your gas tariffs and ensure that you have a smooth energy flow.

2) Low pressure

If your boiler shuts off or the central heating system creates sounds, or if the radiators are not heating up properly, it is the issue of low pressure. You can easily resolve this issue by tweaking the filling loop. Adjust the valve of the pressure gauge between 1 and 1.5 to increase the pressure.

Once the pressure is set, you may have to reset your boiler. So you should check your boiler’s manufacturer’s guide on how to reset the boiler. But if the pressure keeps on dropping again and again, then there might be a leak issue. So get it checked by specialists.

3) No pilot light

This is one of the obvious problems, where you cannot see a pilot light, and the boiler will not fire up. There are many reasons for the pilot light to get extinguished, so you should reignite it. But if you notice black marks on the boiler, a flame color other than blue, or smell gas, do not reignite the pilot. Turn off your boiler and call for help. Ensure that an engineer checks it out.

4) It displays lock-out light

You may constantly experience a lock-out light on the boiler, an error on the control panel, and the boiler will not fire up. So to get your boiler started, you will have to reset it. A reset button can be found near the control panel, or you can check the manual and follow the instructions to reset your boiler. Or you can turn the boiler off and then on to get it started. But if it requires constant resetting, it may indicate a more serious problem, so you should get it checked by an engineer.

5) Frozen pipe

A frozen condensate pipe is one of the leading causes of breakdowns during winters. It will not let the boiler fire up, and there will be gurgling sounds coming from the boiler, especially when the outside temperature is very low. So to resolve this issue, you will have to apply a warm compress and hot water to the condensate pipe directly to thaw it.


You should remember that you can only resolve minor problems, so more serious ones should be dealt with by experienced and skilled engineers only. Ensure that your boiler gets a regular service annually to keep it in perfect condition and catch on problems before they become bigger and more serious.


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