Boy Hidden in Locked Bedroom and Starved; Siblings had No Idea about his Existence

The authorities have plunged into the investigation of the mysterious death of a 12-year-old boy, which has revealed some appalling and grisly results. Maxwell Schollenberger, a 12-year-old child was found dead in his Anville Township residence, on May 26. He was completely naked, and was lying on a bed which was smeared with excrement and filth.

As was reported by police officials, the bedsheets were apparently full of “claw marks”. The room had no arrangement for ventilation, as the windows were sealed. There was no reported source of light inside Maxwell’s room and his bedroom door had three metal hooks, leading the investigators to conclude that he had been locked inside his own room.

Official court reports imply that investigators found “only one cup with an inch of water in the bedroom”. Further investigation has proved that Maxwell Schollenberger was being “held captive in his room for several years”. He was not registered in any school and was denied a doctor, owing to his rapidly declining health. The biological father, Scott Schollenberger along with his wife, Kimberly Mauer have been charged with “criminal homicide and endangering the welfare of the children” and are presently in custody.

Max had siblings who lived in the same house but were oblivious to the former’s existence, as reported by the police. The siblings, however were well-fed and thoroughly healthy. The official reports also suggest that Max was not subjected to any physical or mental disabilities.

Then why was he starved and lived a life of a prisoner, ostracized from rest of the family? Medical reports suggest that Max was “severely malnourished, with limited muscle mass on all four of his limbs along with weakened bones”. He weighed a meagre 47.5 pounds and was just 50 inches tall, indicating towards stunted growth and development of his body.

Dr. Michael W. Johnson conducted an autopsy on the body and claimed, “In my medical opinion, this 12-year-old child died as the result of blunt force head trauma complicating starvation/malnutrition”. The cause of death has been stated, to be homicide, owing to the nature of the head injuries that the deceased had received, along with the consequences of a long-term starvation. 

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