Breaking Bad star’s movie ‘Nobody’ gets 4K Blu-ray Steelbook!

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Time flies by quickly! It’s been 7 years since the series finale of ‘Breaking Bad’ aired. This series for the past few decades, proved itself to be one of the most critically acclaimed drama series on OTT platforms. Latest news shows that ‘Breaking Bad’ stars are getting exclusive Blu-rays and this one is yet another one of them.

To mark the success of Bob Odenkirk’s ‘Nobody’, Zavvi is releasing a special-edition Steelbook Blu-ray version of the 4K Blu-ray later this year with its official release date being December 31, 2021. Although fans can pre-order the steelbook exclusively from Zivva.

Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk is now observed as a mild-mannered husband and a father figure who is always getting pushed around. But the suburban dad whose name is Hutch has definitely some skill set which is lurking somewhere around him. The film follows his home burglary where Hutch does nothing to stop the robbers at first but finally somehow snaps because maybe he doesn’t want to be a ‘Nobody’ for his family and remembers himself as an assassin in the past life.

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The film is directed by Ilya Naishuller. This flick is named ‘Nobody’ starring Bob Odenkirk. Tribune News Service critic Katie Walsh in her review writes about the film that this film “is a riff on the ‘John Wick’ model, which makes sense, because it’s written by ‘John Wick’ screenwriter Derek Kolstad, who’s had some fun with the formula adapting it for comedian-turned-dramatic-actor Odenkirk,”

Walsh added, “Lean, mean and brutish, ‘Nobody’ is best enjoyed as the juicy piece of pulp that it is.”. Bob Odenkirk is stepping into an action sequence for the very first time which is bringing a cheerful feature to Bob’s area of work. Derek Kolstad, being the writer in the film, delivers that some crazy violent scenes are about to blast as he is best known for his thrilling features as a writer.

Digital Spy also chatted to the film star Bob Odenkirk about his character and the movie. There was a discussion of comparison between Nobody and John Wick to which he replied, “I think we’ve established a fundamentally different kind of character here. The DNA that connects John Wick and Nobody is the way that Derek tells a story that kind of builds and grows conceptually,”Bob Odenkirk was observed in Better Call Saul and was asked upon the differences between this movie (Nobody) and his previous one. He replied, “Saul’s heart is on the line. He fails all the time. He never quits. And he uses whatever is at his disposal to push back, and to fight back. He’s clever in that way. Usually, he uses logic, and interesting logical choices.”

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