Breaking News: Evolving Of New Mystery Illness In India! Doctors Find Mixtures Of Lead, Nickel In Patient’s Blood Samples

The coronavirus pandemic has already brought the entire world down with that being set, recently an evolution of a new mysterious illness was found in hundreds of people in India, Andra Pradesh who were hospitalized. As per doctors in charge, the blood samples collected from the hospitalized patients had levels of lead and nickel.

Medical testing revealed that few people are suffering from an unknowing ailment that can cause nausea, anxiety, and epilepsy like convulsions. Also, these patients were also found to have traces of chemicals hazardous to human life, said by the Andhra Pradesh government officials.

However, it’s still unknown if these heavy metals got into the bloodstream and whether it’s related to the disease according to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences which conducted the testing.

Evolving Of New Mystery Illness In India!

502 out of 585 are reported to be hospitalized from this mysterious sickness and luckily none of them tested positive for coronavirus or other viral diseases like dengue. The patients under the mysterious ailment have no relation to each other and each of them lives in different areas. The total number of patients include ranges from children to the elderly, said the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Jaganmohan Reddy. According to the latest sources, the sickness has spread through a city called Elluru which is popularly known for its hand-woven products. Also, reports say that this illness killed a 45-year-old man.

Doctors from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology are waiting for the toxicology reports. There are no such updates about how many patients were actually to have traces of nickel and lead on their bloodstreams. We will be making sure to update you about the news in the future.

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