California city votes to remove a statue of Catholic Missionary 

The protests and riots in California city have given way to removal and destruction of several statues of the saint in the recent months.

Recently amid the ongoing riots and everything the city council of Ventura, California has voted to remove a statue of St. Junipero Serra from the city halls.

The statute is the 1989 replica of a 1936 concrete piece.  On Wednesday evening, the city council voted 6-0 to remove a bronze statue from outside city hall and a wooden replica inside the building. 

Though there is no official announcement of any dates, about the removal of the statue. The council resolution has declared that that next destination of the statue would be the city’s San Buenaventura mission church, which was founded by St. Serra himself in the 18th century.

California city votes to remove a statue of Catholic Missionary 
California city votes to remove a statue of Catholic Missionary

In the past few months and weeks, the city has seen many protests and riots in which the rioters pulled down the statues of historic figures, as a part of a call to end systematic racism.

The statue of saints has become the next target of the protestors and demonstrators across California in the last few weeks. The images of saints are being torn out or vandalized in protest of California’s colonial past. 

On June 19, in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco a statue of the saint was torn down by a crowd of about 100 people, and on the same day, a statue of the saint was torn down in Los Angeles.

On July 4 rioters pulled down and defaced a statue of Serra in Sacramento, inspiring Catholic to set up a makeshift shrine to Serra on the statue’s empty plinth on July 5, and lead other Catholics in cleaning graffiti from the site.

Plus, On July 11, the fire was set in the mission church of San Gabriel, which was founded by Serra, in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 

It was announced by San Buenaventura in June that its intention to work with local officials and indigenous tribal leaders to see a Serra statue outside Ventura City Hall moved to “a non-public location”. 

The parties said on June 18 in a joint statement “The three of us are confident that a peaceful resolution regarding the Father Junipero Serra statue can be reached, without uncivil discourse and character assassination, much less vandalism of a designated landmark.

We all believe that the removal of the statue should be accomplished without force, without anger, and through a collaborative, peaceful process. This process has already commenced through our initial meeting and we look forward to continuing the discussion with the community to help guide further action on this.

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