California Snow Plow Driver Discovers Bodies Of Apparent Murder Victims On The Side Of The Road

According to the latest reports, A California snowplow driver discovered the bodies of two homicide victims during their duties of clearing a remote stretch in the Sierra Nevada early Monday.

Mono County Sheriff’s Office scheduled a press conference for the incident where it was said that the bodies which were found were a man and a woman who were just before dawn on the shoulder.

Investigators have confirmed that the victims were victims of a homicide killing. However, the identities of the victims haven’t been revealed and will not be revealed until their family and next of kin have been notified, but the local authorities claim that the pair weren’t local.

“The crime appears to be specific and targeted, and there is no threat to the community of Bridgeport,” a police statement read.

For now, things are not clear yet! There are many things like how long the bodies were on the side of the road, the motive of the murder, and a lot more, which might slowly get uncovered, let’s hope for justice to come! We will surely be updating you as soon as something new about the case pops-in.

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