California’s low-income Counties sees a surge in COVID positive Cases.

On Saturday, the Orange County’s shoreline was closed, since people were not wearing masks, leaving the public health officials concerned since the number of COVID positive cases are rising in California.

According to data recorded by the public health depicted hundreds of people getting infected in highly populated neighborhoods of Santa Ana and Anaheim those are categorized as low-income areas.

The health officials told a newspaper that the dwellers living in the hot spot areas ore likely resides in multi-family households and most of them have jobs in restaurants and stores.

The dean of the University of California, Bernadette Boden-Albala said, “it’s not just around the hot zones — we’re seeing much more spread around the county,” with respect to increasing cases and hospitalizations in the past couple of weeks.

California’s low-income Counties sees a surge in COVID positive Cases.
California’s low-income Counties sees a surge in COVID positive Cases.

According to the cases reported in the county, it seems that the number of positive cases is gradually rising, since two weeks ago the cases reported were 325 and as of Saturday in the past week, the cases rose to 451.

Albala says since the reopening of the state’s economy, people took the risk of infection very leniently since they were tired of staying at home as well as they didn’t know anyone who got infected.

On Friday, around 4 Californian counties put a break on their reopening plan to curb the viral transmission. On Saturday, California has recorded a rise of at least 6,000 positive cases.

The death toll rose to 5,900 due to statewide COVID complications.

Gov. Gavin Newsom alerted the resident about the increasing cases, urged them to wear a mask in public places along with maintaining social distancing.

He also insisted Imperial County, an agricultural county near Mexico to reimplement a stay home order to keep a check on increasing positive cases and hospitalizations.

In a statement, Bishop Robert W. McElroy says, “I thank our priests, church personnel and volunteers who had prepared for weeks to welcome our brothers and sisters back to Mass, but the community’s and our parishioners’ safety comes first.”

According to the hospital officials in the county, who also provides vegetables in winters to the U.S. Supermarkets believes that the increasing cases were also contributed by the residents who lived near the Mexican border while the cross-border travel was a common part of their living.

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