Cameron explained why she quit her movie career

Cameron has finally explained why she made the decision of walking away from her movie career in the ‘In Goop Health: The Sessions’ while speaking to Gwyneth Paltrow.

She said that she had to make this decision as acting left her no time for anything else whereas she wanted peace in her life and wanted to be able to take responsibility for her own life. Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible for her, keeping up with her movie career.

She said that it was a strange feeling at the time and probably a lot of people won’t understand that feeling. According to her, she used to work at such intense levels that she had to literally pause and take a look at her life, which she hadn’t done for quite a long period of time.

It was really getting to her to be so public and putting herself out there every time. She almost spent 12 hours a day shooting while movies were under development. She added that signing for a movie is like they are owning you. You won’t find time to do anything else. 

Cameron explained why she quit her movie career
Cameron explained why she quit her movie career

She realized that it was time for her to hand over these roles to other people and take charge of her own life. Later in January, there was an announcement made by Cameron. She welcomed a baby daughter with her husband Benji Madden. 

It was something huge not just for her but also for her fans. Her fans do miss seeing her at the movie theaters but the way she has expressed herself recently, it is really worth not continuing with a career that is providing so much trouble to one’s life. 

All her fans loved her and are still in awe with her. They didn’t know the real reason behind Cameron all of a sudden quitting her movie career. Some thought it was just a casual break. Now that you know what it was.

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