Can an October surprise COVID 19 vaccine save Trump’s re-election campaign

The US Presidential election is just around the corner and one could feel the political grounds being built up. There are only a few months left until the election that is going to take place in October. Trump is going to be the Republican presidential candidate while Biden is presumed to be the Democratic candidate. 

This Time, the election is going to be very different than any other time. Severely hit by the pandemic, America hasn’t been able to recover till now. Combine that with the civil unrest American society is going through, this presidential election will reveal the true nerves of America. 

Trump’s response to the pandemic has been inadequate. Many experts believe that the Trump administration has failed miserably to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Can an October surprise Covid 19 vaccine save Trump's re-election campaign
Can an October surprise COVID 19 vaccine save Trump’s re-election campaign

America, the world superpower has been the biggest prey of coronavirus with reporting as much as 25% of the total cases of Coronavirus worldwide. Many believe that a more measured response could have saved America from such a catastrophe. 

With all these things going on, Trump has been trailing behind Biden in almost all of the states. In some of the States, he has been trailing behind in double digits. The public sentiment is clearly against the Trump administration and it is going to be a hard battle for Trump to be re-elected again. 

However, according to a report in Politico, an October surprise can prove to be a table, Turner. And this surprise is going to be a coronavirus vaccine. If somehow, Trump becomes able to introduce the vaccine before elections, chances are that the tables could turn.

The Trump administration has been investing heavily in vaccine development and all of these efforts could pay off if vaccines make their way to the public before elections. For more such latest news stay tuned with us. 

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