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About the Movie:

Charlie is an adventurous Indian language drama film written by Prakkat and Unni R, directed by Martin Prakkat in 2015. The movie stars Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy are produced by Prakkat, Joju George and Shebin Becker. Gopi Sundar composes the score, while Jomon T. John handles the film. The movie came out on 24 December. He won eight prizes for best actress, best actor, best director, and best movie prize at the 46th Kerala State Film Award. Marathi and Tamil were respectively re-made as Deva and Maara.

Plot details:

Tessa, who hides from home to escape her engagement, is a graphic designer. She leases a room with the assistance of her mate. At first, she hates her space that is chaos, but then discovers that a carefree vagabond named Charlie used to inhabit the room. She finds a snapshot and a sketchbook of the man as she begins purifying the site. The sketches show the last Sunday afternoon as a little lad attempts to rob the room of the human being. The guy is joining him at a turn-of-event, and they all go to the roof of a house. You’re surprised thereby what you saw. It is the last page of the drawing, and the tale that picks out her curiosity remains unfinished.

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Fascinatedly, Tessa begins to notice people in the drawings of the man. After taking her steps behind the boat, she meets the “dad” man, a boat attendant, and a physically abusive woman, Mariya/Queen Mary. For her birthday, Charlie takes Mariya out to the sea. Sadly, Mariya commits suicide and gets broken in his heart. After further hints, Tessa receives the news that he stays at a hotel and runs to visit him. She missed him only for a few seconds, though. Then a helper boy in the hotel explains that Mariya’s daughter was the little girl with Charlie.

One day she sees the robber seen in the drawings and questions of that guy about the events of the day. He tells her he had saved a woman hanging and tracked her when she escaped the cycling scene, her sir (Charlie). The house is found, and eventually, the child is called Dr Kani. Then she meets Kani and asks her storey. Kani reveals that when she did her first autonomous procedure and died of a 10-year-old child, she was devastated about her fractured engagement. Moreover, she was hanged in the newspaper and on the eve of the new year, she was desperately suicidal and distracted by the human being. He took her to a house kept by Kunjappan, and she stayed. Kinjappan is waiting. 

The mother of Tessa found her and brought her home. When a deprived Tessa was on her way back home, the man then came back with the long lost love of Kunjappan, who now is a nun. Kani tells Tessa and acknowledges the knowledge and searching of Tessa. He admits knowledge. Charlie tells Kani that he will be at Thrissur Pooram, and if she’s searching for him, Tessa will find him. Finally, in a magic exhibition, Tessa sees him playing. He sees her afterwards, confronts her and asks her if she wants alcohol. She presents herself first as Shruti Raman and lets him believe he met the wrong girl. But as the festival begins, Charlie’s antiques tell her that she genuinely is Tessa, and she reveals her name to be ‘Charlie’ as well. When the credits roll, they walk on a new life path.

Cast Details:

Dulquer Salmaan as Charlie, Parvathy as Tessa, Aparna Gopinath as Kani, Nedumudi Venu as Kunjappan, Chemban Vinod Jose as Mathai/Pathrose, Kalpana as Queen Mary/ Mariya, Soubin Shahir as Sunikuttan/Mr D’souza, Neeraj Madhav as Ansari, P. Balachandran as Usman Ikka, K.P.A.C.Lalitha as Rahel Ammachi and Seetha as Tessa’s mother in the movie. All these actors have played a fantastic role in the film. The movie earned a gross total of Rs. 420 million, which is considered a huge box office collection. 

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