Chicago Man Shot 2 Teens Dead For Asking About His Height

Leroy Battle who is 19 years old was being held by the Police Officers without bail for killing Hyde Park High School who were asking him about his tall height.

Battle shot two children who were Jasean Francis who was 17 years old and Charles Rilley who was 16 years old only for asking about his tall height, according to the Police Officers of Chicago.

According to the report of Police, both the children were unknown to Battle and the children don’t know the Battle too. According to the Police, both of the children got killed after an encounter with him at the gas station.

Chicago Man Shot 2 Teens Dead For Asking About His Height
Chicago Man Shot 2 Teens Dead For Asking About His Height

A friend who was present at the gas station with the victims gave his statement to the Police that Battle was in the line and they saw that he had a gun in his waistband but asked him about his height as he is very tall but he didn’t answer. After that, battle followed the boys and opened his fire in an alley near 79th and Luella then killed Francis and Riley.

As per CCTV footage after shooting, Battle dropped his gun in the dustbin can and returned to the next day to collect the gun but CPD already reached the gun and had it.

Battle has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, and unlawful use of the weapon.

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