Chris Rock’s Best Performance in Movies and TV: Ranked

Bring the Pain (Self):

It is the quintessential Chris Rock performance, and there’s a good reason why. It’s hard to believe, but at the time (1994), Rock actually thought he was on the way out. So he wanted to do one last really big comedy special to go out on a bang. His most famous bit from the show concerns regular black people and the more hood black people who Rock suggest mess everything up for all other black people. 

Top Five (Andre Allen):

It really was a kind of seen as a comeback of sorts for Chris Rock even though the actor really hasn’t gone anywhere ever since he got into show business. It might be because Top Five is really good, and Chris Rock wrote, directed, and starred in the movie, just like he did with Head of State earlier on this list. 

The movie is about a comedian who is looking back in his career while he is getting interviewed for a story. 

Dogma (Rufus):

Rufus is a great character since you really do get a sense that he feels left out of the Bible, and Chris Rock imbues the role with humour, but also a sort of pathos that you quite frankly get to see in a lot in his characters. Dogma is probably Kevin Smith’s last truly great movie, and Chris Rock is a big part of why this movie is so effective.

CB4 (Albert Brown/MC Gusto):

The film chronicles MC Gusto’s rise and fall, and it actually has a lot to say on music and society in general. Rock is great in the role and his talent and even rapping skills are undeniable. 

Never Scared (Self):

Chris Rock is a bona fide movie star, but he is probably most comfortable on a stage walking back and forth and holding microphone. Case in point, his 2004 comedy special, Never Scared, which actually won Chris Rock a Grammy when it was turned into a comedy record. 

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