Club Kids at war with Michael Alig’s mom over his ashes

Even after his passing, Michael Alig proceeds as he lived: in a twirl of bedlam and dissension. 

Page Six has discovered that there’s an appalling fight over his remains, with the remainder of his Club Kid pupils at battle with his mother over his last resting place. 

One of the Club Kid Killer’s most steadfast allies — and unique Club Kid — Rachael Cain coordinated a GoFundMe with the expectation that they would have the option to introduce Alig’s remains at Brooklyn’s renowned Green-Wood graveyard, close by (through their eyes) other notable New York social figures like shocking craftsman Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Alig’s mother, Elke, purportedly consented to part the cinders with them, so half could go to Green-Wood and half could return home to Indiana with her, as per insiders. 

However, bits of gossip twirled among the Club Kids that she’d chose to return his body to their local South Bend, Indiana, all things considered, and leave them with no remaining parts, starting some of them to name her “childish.” And when Elke got wind that they were spreading her name to columnists, she purportedly took steps to retreat from the grim arrangement. 

“His mother simply doesn’t get it and will take his body and put [his ashes] by her bed on the end table. Michael Alig would not like to go [back to Indiana] by any stretch of the imagination,” Alig’s Club Kid replacement Jason Chaos advised us. 

Alig — who was imprisoned in 1997 for the severe killing of Club Kid Angel Melendez and kicked the bucket on Christmas Eve from an obvious heroin glut — is booked to be incinerated on Thursday. Aja Worthy-Davis, a representative for the New York City clinical analyst’s office, revealed to us his reason for death is as yet forthcoming as of now. 

“Notwithstanding the thing choice is made, everything is prepared for Michael. Everything has been paid for. We are as yet determining a future dedication administration in New York if there is cash left, we will accomplish something. The last resting place in Green-Wood is paid for totally. It’s presently in her grasp,” Cain said. 

Before his conviction, Alig was the instigator of the Club Kid youth development, based around various Manhattan clubs in the last part of the 1980s and mid-’90s. 

We contacted Elke for input.

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