Cluster of almost 30 Families got infected with the Corona Virus: One Died

The cases of coronavirus are touching skies, and thousands of people are falling in its deadly clutches every day.

Twenty-eight members of one Los Angeles family have tested positive of COVID-19, according to the reports.

That means there are more people who are in the trap of the virus, all those who have come in contact with all those twenty-eight people, and they are still unidentified, which means more people are getting infected unknowingly and thousands of others are at the risk of infection.

Thus, increasing the overall number of COVID-19 cases in the state. 

Cluster of almost 30 Families got infected with the Corona Virus: One Died
Cluster of almost 30 Families got infected with the Corona Virus: One Died

Richard Garay, one of the members of the family said that he was having mild symptoms since last month, “It went from, you know, one day being Ok to I can’t breathe, I can’t get up, I cannot eat”.

He lost his father night before Father’s Day in June. He said he and his father Vidal Garay who was 60 years old lost their sense of smell and taste before testing positive for coronavirus in early June.

He admitted that he was quarantined with his father and one morning he was gasping for air, “I am like, Dad, I don’t think I am going to make it.

That was the last thing I told my father and the last thing my dad saw his son suffocating.”  According to the CBS Los Angeles, his father passed away and he was battling a rare kind of anemia and previously was cured of Leukaemia.  

Garay was hospitalized, but he recovered and confirmed that 28 members of his extended family to have tested positive for the COVID-19, and most have them have recovered after their home quarantine.

Though the family is not sure how or when they contracted the virus, they said that it could have been a caretaker who takes care of Garay’s mother or because of a family member who visited them in May. 

California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom warned that the reopening for the state would be paused, to battle the coronavirus as the hospitalization has risen by 32% over the last two weeks. 

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