Coalition urges the Governor of Pennsylvania to encourage paper ballots to avoid any disenfranchisement.

On Tuesday, a coalition consisting of unlikely allies believes that paper ballot will safeguard voters from disfranchisement relating to the upcoming November elections.

These groups included the bipartisan which involves—the National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC), R Street, and Americans for Tax Reforms who wrote a letter to the Pennsylvanian Governor Tom Wolf along with the Secretary of the State,

Kathy Boockvar, requesting them to spend the federal money on updating the security for November elections to prevent the use of voting machines with the touch screen while encouraging voter-verified paper ballots to avoid any computer malfunctions.

The President of NEDC, Ben Ptashnik said, “This should not be a partisan fight.” He continued, “Insecure voting equipment and lack of preparedness only serve to disenfranchise voters of both parties.”

Coalition urges the Governor of Pennsylvania to encourage paper ballots to avoid any disenfranchisement.
Coalition urges the Governor of Pennsylvania to encourage paper ballots to avoid any disenfranchisement.

The letter suggests polling booths to keep sufficient paper ballots as a handy if the voting system falls prey to the cyber hacking or malfunctioning. The letter also recommends 24/7 security that will keep a look at the video while reducing the internet connectivity to avoid hacker interference with the votes.

The President of Americans for Tax Reforms, Grover Norquist said, “Our elections should be ironclad, and we benefit from being able to double-check the results.” “The steps outlined in this letter will help Pennsylvania shore up elections in 2020 and beyond,” he added.

Governor Wolf also suggested the residents avail the benefits of mail-in voting, which is now approved by the Legislature to avoid the mass gathering at the polls.

1.8 million Residents took the advice of the Governor and applied to the mail-in voting prior to Election Day. The presidential primary race had received 2.5 million votes even in the midst of protests against the police brutality along with the systemic racism. Voting machines consisting of verifiable paper ballots were used in 67 counties, the Department of State says.

Boockvar describing the challenges said that “Today would look and feel different than any election in our lifetimes and it did.” “These factors are why I’m so happy to be able to report that today’s election went remarkably smoothly and we have no issues to report,” she added.

Keeping in mind the widespread pandemic, Ptashnik said that, “Citizens who prefer to vote in-person should not have to use touch screen voting machines that are not only vulnerable to error and hacking, they can also spread the COVID-19 infection and endanger their health.”

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