College Student Goes Missing After Going Out to Fetch Money From an ATM

Adam “Belle” Dowdell, a second-year student of Alabama State University went missing on late Tuesday night, from downtown Montgomery. According to his friends, the 22-year-old apparently went out to fetch some money from an ATM, but did not return. Dowdell was wearing a white shirt along with checkerboard pants and Air Jordan 12 sneakers, for shoes.

An official report has been filed with the police and both his family as well as the police are vigorously searching for the missing boy. Adam left his bag and phone charger in his dorm room, and the police inferred that his phone is already dead.

The Dowdell originally belongs to the Alabaster area, which is 70 miles away from Montgomery. Toya Cohill, mother of Adam Dowdell, has expressed her grave concern and untiring distress, “I have slept three hours a day. I just want my child back”. Adam’s last communication with his siblings was on Tuesday, and Cohill herself had talked to her son on the previous day, Monday. It was on Wednesday, that Cohill received thoroughly agonizing and distressing calls from his friends, telling her frantically that Adam had not returned to his dorm room and that he was not to be found.

The ASU Police Department has claimed in an official statement that they have initiated an assiduous investigation into Dowell’s mysterious disappearance. They are receiving an ample amount of aid from the Central Alabama Crime Stoppers, along with local law enforcement agencies. On Saturday, the Alabaster Police Department released a poster online, about Adam.

Reminiscing about her missing son, Toya Cohill says, “He always talks to all of us. From my mama to my daughter to my son, somebody’s going to talk to him every day”. After knowing about Adam’s disappearance, many of his family members came to Montgomery, to stay together during such times of anguish and suffering and also to find Adam Dowdell.

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