Coronavirus struck the reunion of a family who were apart for nearly four years. 

The world is hit hard by the corona pandemic and no industry has been left spared. It has caused great overall distress on the economy as a whole. Most of the affluent nations of the world are suffering the pandemic too including the US, UK, Italy, Spain among the others.

The nations are locked down and most of the economic activities are ceased. However, lately, nations are moving towards reopening their countries and states as they can’t remain lockdown forever. 

This is an incident from more than a year ago. A Somali national named Deman Aman Abshir had to choose between two alternatives, either to come to the US leaving her newborn daughter or witness the health of her husband worsening.

Coronavirus struck the reunion of a family who were apart for nearly four years. 
Coronavirus struck the reunion of a family who was apart for nearly four years.

However, she chose the first option as her husband’s health was declining rapidly and any delay could have hindered their chances to settle in the US and treat her husband. 

After years of waiting, finally, Abshir was ready to meet her 3-year-old daughter as she cleared most of the screenings to fly to the US. However, before even her flight could be booked, the world was hit hard by a coronavirus.

Abshir said that “First, I was super excited. I can’t wait to see her and meet my little girl. When the pandemic broke out, there’s nothing else I could do, I had to be patient.” 

It’s still unclear when the refugee admission to the US will begin. Even since Trump came into Power, the refugee admission in the US has been at an all-time low due to his policies. Now, during this pandemic, refugee admission has been blocked in the US since March 19 except for some circumstances. No date of resumption has been announced officially. 

Abshir’s husband, Mohamed Hussein Ibrahim has been diagnosed with a neurological condition and he isn’t able to walk and do other activities anymore. The couple was ready to depart to the United States in 2016.

Abshir said that “Three different situations happened at the same time: my husband’s situation got worse; we had our newborn; we had the process approved,” “It was 2016 so Trump was getting elected,

So we knew if we had to delay, the opportunity would never come so we had to choose sacrifice to be with our child or leave for the US with my husband to get better treatment.” 

We hope that refugee admission soon resumes in America so that Abshir and her husband can meet with their daughter. To remain updated, stay tuned with us. 

Vinayaka Dalmia
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