Coronavirus USA: Could Trump Indefinitely Ban Immigration?

The third week of April, the President of the United States, Donald Trump signed an order to suspend immigration for 60 days in the United States, this as a measure under the pretext of public health, although with some exceptions.

However, the advisers to the president of the ‘White House’ want to continue using the pretext of the coronavirus, asking him to extend this measure for several months and even years, at least as revealed by the newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

Citing a report by ‘The Southern Poverty’, the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic, and the way it has affected the United States, became the perfect pretext for Steve Miller, political advisor to the White House, launch Donald Trump’s plan: Close borders.

Coronavirus USA: Could Trump Indefinitely Ban Immigration?
Coronavirus USA: Could Trump Indefinitely Ban Immigration?

Can You Suspend Immigration Indefinitely?

The project could not be fulfilled to the American president. There was no way to support it.

However, the coronavirus has provided you with the resources to do so. Right now, Trump’s decree suspended the delivery of ‘Green Cards’, as well as closed the work visa window, with some exceptions for 60 days.

But on Thursday, a group of four Republican senators, led by Tom Cotton, representing Arkansas, sent a letter asking Trump to extend and extend the order to all work visas until all the workers affected by the pandemic recover their jobs when the country reopens.

The truth is that so far nothing has been decided about the new executive order, however, a senior official from the Department of Homeland Security said that “immigration measures are being taken to help improve public health, help improve the economy and help improve jobs. “

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