Cuban Doctors Who Were Father And Son Killed By Coronavirus

Carlos Vallejo (57 years old) and his father Jorge Vallejo (89) died five weeks apart from the coronavirus in the United States. Various media emphasize that they were well-known Cuban doctors in Florida.

Both were hospitalized during the early hours of Father’s Day. Jorge Vallejo was a retired OB / GYN who worked for 45 years in Miami. 

Doctor’s Journey

Throughout his entire career, he treated various celebrities, including Celia Cruz.

According to CNN, he was also known for giving birth to one of the world’s smallest babies, who weighed 425 grams at 22 weeks.

Incident Insights

Jorge Vallejo lived in Guantánamo (Cuba) and arrived in Miami (United States) in 1965. The trip was made with the other members of his family, including Carlos, a little boy of only two years old.

Carlos Vallejo was one of the doctors who was fighting the pandemic. He treated dozens of coronavirus patients a day.

Cuban Doctors Who Were Father And Son Killed By Coronavirus
Cuban Doctors Who Were Father And Son Killed By Coronavirus

When his father passed away, he spoke to CNN and recalled him saying that he was a doctor who treated his patients with great care, as if they were his own family.

Jorge Vallejo passed away on June 27. Carlos learned of the unfortunate news through a video call, while he was hospitalized for coronavirus.

Carlos remained in the ICU for three weeks (two of them were on a respirator). On August 1, he passed away. Family members assure that he fought to the end against the coronavirus. 

As reported by CNN, 900 US health officials have died due to coronavirus while trying to save others’ lives.

The United States surpassed 5,191,689 coronavirus cases and 165,909 deaths on Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluations (IHME) of the University of Washington estimates that by the presidential elections on November 3, the United States will have exceeded 250,000 deaths.

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