Cuomo: NY workers travelling to COVID-19 hotspots won’t get sick leave

On June 27th, 2020 an executive order issued by NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo states that paid sick leave will be denied to the state workers who intentionally travel to COVID-19 hotspots of the states.

The decision was triggered by five positive cases resulting from a Westchester County high school graduation event. A student who took a trip to Florida attended the ceremony too.

Florida is encountering a spike in cases for a few weeks now while the NY state is experiencing consistent-to-low cases but the policies by Governor are still under scrutiny, evident via a Manhattan protest Saturday. 

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut put out quarantine guidelines for the people who travel to the eight states that are hotspots and require the person to self-quarantine for 14 days immediately after arrival to the tristate area.

Cuomo: NY workers travelling to COVID-19 hotspots won't get sick leave
Cuomo: NY workers travelling to COVID-19 hotspots won’t get sick leave

Florida, the states of Alabama, Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Utah, Texas, and Arizona are presently the hotspots.

“If we are going to maintain the progress we have seen, we need everyone to take personal responsibility,” the governor reminded in an announcement clarifying the new executive order.

As per the state, the student who took a trip to Florida and then attended the Westchester county high school ceremony is suspected to have come in contact with four people.

“We are prepared to do the aggressive testing and contact tracing required to slow and ultimately control any potential clusters of new cases like the one in Westchester County,” Cuomo declared.

The student and the other four people are adhering to self-quarantine, anyone else who attended the event must also self-isolate as per the advice of the state.

On June 14th, 2020 the state health department has issued guidelines for events that require social gatherings such as graduation ceremonies.

These guidelines require people to abide by social distancing, a limit of attendees, and wearing masks.

Video from the graduation event reveals that the guideline for wearing face coverings was not adequately followed as few were wearing them. The chairs appeared to be spaced but the distance is not clarified.

The state is investigating which guidelines were not being followed.

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