The nascent murder trial of dad named Mark Redwine who was charged for murdering his 13 year old son Dylan has ended in mistrial, suggest the reports. The judge has declared a mistrial in the murder trial after members of their defense legal team showed signs of Covid-19.

The boy’s remains were not found until the following year of 2012 where the boy was murdered near Durango, Colorado in 2012. The reason the dad murdered his son was because he had found out about his dad’s weird sexual fetish where his dad liked dressing up in women’s cloth and a diaper and then ingesting his own feces from the diaper. 

He remains charged with second degree murder and child abuse that resulted in the child’s tragic death during his teen years. The long-delayed trial had only just commenced jury selection last week before the mistrial ruling spared Dylan Redwine a potential conviction for murdering Dylan — for now.

Her mother Elaine Hall told reports that, “It makes me feel as victimized as I did in 2012 when Dylan went missing. I feel more helpless now than I did then. At least then I was searching. We were doing something. And now I can’t do anything. And it’s a very helpless, hopeless feeling.”

She continued, “The whole process, the whole system, in my opinion, is based on what’s best for the defense and not what’s best for the victims. We need some finality; we need to be able to make decisions on our life without having this trial loom in the background.”

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