Dafne Keen Injured Hugh Jackman During Logan Audition

One of Logan’s (2017) best-received elements was Dafne Keen’s performance as Laura / X-23, and it seems that neither the director, James Mangold, nor the protagonist, Hugh Jackman, could imagine the film without the presence of the young actress because her performance was so good that she was instantly hired.

During a watch party for the film, it was Mangold himself who offered more information about the character and the interpreter ( via ), tweeting the following:

The interesting thing came with the answer to the previous post, as Jackman ( Wolverine himself ) confirmed that he and the filmmaker were initially unsure how the character would fit into the narrative,

But that thought changed when they met the interpreter, who at the time of the premiere of the film was 12 years old. On the other hand, the historian revealed that, during Dafne Keen’s audition for Logan, she heavily hurt him.

Dafne Keen Injured Hugh Jackman During Logan Audition
Dafne Keen Injured Hugh Jackman During Logan Audition

There is no way this movie will work without the remarkable Dafne Keen. For the second half of the movie, the events take a turn and now she bears the weight of the entire movie as Logan walks away, ill and self-doubting. Also, of course, she has the final shot.

“When [James] mang0ld told me about Laura’s character and the fact that the movie was about family, we were concerned with finding the right fit. Until we met DafneKeen. The first day we auditioned with him she hit me on the arm so hard that she literally had a bruise the next day. Contracted ”.

Previously, 20th Century Fox had already released a video documenting the British performer’s audition. In it, Patrick Stewart and producer Hutch Parker appear. On the young woman’s performance, Stewart, who plays Professor Charles Xavier, said he was quite impressed.