Dark Season 3: The Reason Why Only Some Characters Stay Alive In The End



In the last scenes of the Netflix series, we discover the secret of the story and everything goes back to the origin. We solve the doubts that you have left about the end. Beware of the ‘spoilers’!

Few series have had us as confused asDark‘. Well, all of these. The Netflix series soon left behind its similarities to ‘ Stranger Things ‘ and became an original and haunting thriller of family secrets and time travel, culminating this weekend with its shocking third season. Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar continue to take the story to new levels, especially after that season two finale that even opened up the possibility to a multiverse that will ultimately be the most important key to understanding all of this narrative entanglement.

[Beware: ‘spoilers’ of the series from here]

Hopefully, you have seen the new season, because we are going to dive deep into it to answer one of the perhaps most complex questions in the series: why do some characters disappear and others not in the last scenes? Why do those whom we see dining peacefully at home remain in this original reality, although they also formed part of the parallel dimensions? Let’s see, let’s not start the house on the roof.

In this season of ‘Dark’, we have understood what the problem was: both the world in which we invested the first two seasons as that The second reality that we know in these new episodes (in which Regina Tiedemann has died, Ulrich Nielsen has left Katharina, Peter Doppler is a priest) are narrative deviations from an original world. They are parallel realities that do not exist, that have been built from real characters and have created an impossible network of family relationships through different periods.

This situation was created because of HG Tanenhaus, who lost his family in a traffic accident and tried to recover it by creating a time machine that did not have the desired effects: instead of giving him back to a time when they were still alive, he created this split in space-time and started what we know as the story of ‘Dark’.

It must be understood that everything we see as spectators for much of the series is an infinite cycle that has been repeated countless times, and in which two opposing groups (Adam and Eva) are trying to gain control over time and save what they love the most.

The solution to everything? Prevent the accident of the Tanenhaus family so that it never occurs to them to build a time machine and create the two parallel realities. Jonas and Martha, who finally manage to break out of the time loop they are in, are in charge of traveling through the worlds and carrying out the important mission. And they succeed, thus changing the story and causing all those who belonged to the network to disappear in the style of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

However, there are people who belong to the network and others who do not. In the final scene, we see those who survive, although, of course, without memories of everything that has happened in other realities: Hannah, Regina, Katharina, Bernadette, Wöller and Peter. And they survive because they are the only ones who do not descend directly from the temporal paradoxes of the loop. That is to say: the parents of all these characters already existed before the framework was generated, and in fact most of them, such as those of Hannah or Bernadette, we do not even know.

This contrasts with characters like Agnes Nielsen or Noah, who are born from the union of a Silja of the future (who is the daughter of Hannah and Egon Tiedemann) and a Bartosz sent to the past. Bartosz, in turn, is the son of Regina and Aleksander, who met by chance in the woods when they were teenagers. But, if the circumstances have changed, the reality is that they never met and we see Regina alone. Something that confirms, on the other hand, that she is not the daughter of Toronto Nielsen, that she is an absolute product of the loop as the son of Agnes and of the unnamed character who is the son of Jonas and Martha. The close connections of the characters we know with the mess of the network continue: Obviously, Jonas only exists because Mikkel traveled to the past, Ulrich does not exist in the same way that his father Toronto does not, Charlotte will never be conceived by Elizabeth and Noah in the future. You can get an idea.

Thus, all those who can make their family tree without resorting to the perversions of the parallel worlds are those who survive in the end. As simple and as complicated as that.


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