Deadpool 3 Heading To A New Path After Disney Took A New ‘BIG’ Decision, Here Is Everything You Should Know

As Disney acquired the 20th Century Fox studios, there were lots of speculations and confusion floating around about the upcoming movies. 

Well, as Disney has merged with 20th Century Fox studios this surely makes a new path of merging Disney’s Marvel character with the 20th Century Fox’s X-men and Fantastic Four. Naturally, if we see, the new path taken by Disney after acquiring Fox was to convert these non-marvel characters to Marvel by introducing a “Reboot Version of Marvel Movies” but there are certain exceptions given to the Deadpool franchise! As the movie is said to have made some significant progress with its production works after hiring scriptwriters.

The newly hired writer team which includes, Molyneux sisters (Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin) Reports says that Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) had a meeting with the new writer’s team last month to hear about their pitches for the sequel. Ultimately, both Ryan and Marvel loved the work by the sisters and both have equally shown their interest to let the sisters do the handling for the screenplay duties.

Wendy and Lizzie have succeeded to satisfy Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who were the scriptwriters for the first Deadpool movie. For now, it’s unclear whether Ryan will be assisting the Molyneux sisters with Deadpool 3 script, although it’s known that how important is this character means to him. With being the writers and executive producers on Bob’s Burgers, the Molyneux sisters are also appointed as the creators for a new Fox series namely, The Great North.

Wendy and Lizzie confirmed the news about their hiring as the writers for Deadpool 3, along with it, the main Deadpool account commented on their involvement in the movie! You can checkout it out down below:

Also, the co-creator for the movie commented about the hiring, which says:

Rob made a right point. Ignoring the current major health crisis which has ended up a wreaked havoc on the filmmaking industry. For now, Marvel Studios hasn’t taken the premiere date to the public. However, sources say that the movie which earlier was expected to arrive in late 2022 may get further delays as the current Marvel movies starting from Black Widow have already faced delays to makes it way to screens. This news is yet to be confirmed so, it will be better to wait for confirmation! Continue to stick to our site to get more updates in the future.

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