Did you ever Wonder Why Tokyo always narrates every Season of Money Heist?

Money Heist Season 4 finale has left the show over a cliffhanger and fans inquisitive and curious for the next season.

Fans are building up their own stories and one such theory is now trending everywhere we are going to talk about.

Season 5 renewal has already been confirmed by the showrunners and Netflix. Every fan is just waiting to watch how our beloved gang completes the heist in the Bank of Spain and escapes safely with no more casualties.

Let’s just talk about a fan theory that is viral everywhere including social media.

Did you ever Wonder Why Tokyo always narrates every Season of Money Heist?
Did you ever Wonder Why Tokyo always narrates every Season of Money Heist?

Why Tokyo is chosen as a Narrator for every season?

Fans are wondering why Tokyo narrates every season and why not others like the Professor. Could this be a possible hint from the showrunners? Is it possible that Tokyo will be the only one to survive the heist?

From the initial airing of season 1, we found Tokyo as the main storyteller. She described every part of the series from Professor’s plan to the completion of the heist in the royal mint, along with the initiation of the heist in the Bank of Spain.

Her near protagonist character has forced the fans to assume that she will be the only one to survive the heist in the Bank of Spain.

She is also very well versed in escaping prisons without even being caught.

The theory popped up in people’s minds when a fan did a google search to know why Tokyo is the only narrator in all the seasons of Money Heist and the Google search answer has left everyone awestruck.

Google answered, “Tokyo is the only one alive” hinting that Tokyo might be one of the survivors. Since we have lost a lot of beloved characters in the journey until now, this hint can twist the plot significantly.

All we can do is to wait for the upcoming season to check how valid this fan theory is.

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