Diesel Death is on target: California’s Landmark Electric Truck Rule

California is taking up all the necessary steps to tackle the growing level of pollution in its air and is trying really hard to secure the health of its people too. 

It is trying to replace its diesel trucks with the electric ones. The state requires automakers to increase the sale of the electric trucks starting in 2024.

The measure and guideline approved by the California Air Resources Board on Thursday highlight the point that all new trucks that would be sold in the state should be of zero-emission by 2045.

The ultimate aim of this is to improve the air quality in the state, to achieve climate goals. 

Diesel Death is on target: California’s Landmark Electric Truck Rule
Diesel Death is on target: California’s Landmark Electric Truck Rule

The decision was opposed by many industry groups but finally was settled in as a huge amount of growing automakers have announced and agreed to the plan of manufacturing electric vans and trucks, as a sign of the advancing battery power technology this industry is going to include big and heavy-duty trucks to that would transport freight across the country.

The future seems bright as the Daimler Trucks North America headquarters in Portland, Ore., Jason Gray has helped the company’s first 38 medium and heavy-duty electric trucks.

He says “What you are going to hear now is noises that all the trucks make, but you never get to hear, because the engine’s running.”

The good part is that the electric trucks are being test driven by dozens of customers including the logistics company NFI Industries.

Bill Bliem who oversees truck fleets for NFI says that “The drivers love them.

They have nothing but great things to say about them how quiet they are, how you know, they don’t come home smelling like diesel.” But, at the same time, there are plenty of problems, coming up in the process of switching from diesel to electric trucks.

There are problems like the scarcity of charging points in the starting seasons and the other one is the mileage.

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