Disney is missing a huge opportunity with its live-action remakes

Disney’s recent live-action remakes have proved to be massive hits with fans and, mostly, critics as well. They have allowed Disney to show off new technologies and create classic stories in a new way. But then again, the remakes are just that: remakes of stories we have seen before, and many of them are a bit too close to the original productions to really feel like they are anything special.

 At the same time, it’s proven at this point that the stories closest to the original are the ones audiences really want to see, so the films that take some degree of liberty are not as successful. There is a third option, however: the radical reinvention of a story, one that is also very much a Disney creation.

Many Disney animated movies started life as stories very different from the versions we eventually saw. Quite frequently, a lot of work is done with storyboarding that we never end up seeing. Songs are written that we never hear. But a lot of hard work was put into these projects. While these stories changed so much over time certainly make sense, maybe that first idea had more promise and just needs a little more work.

Priti Mann
An English honors student, aspiring blog and content developer. Her interest in writing got her the appointment of Head of Editing Society in her college.


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