‘Encanto’ By Disney Leads Another Quiet Weekend At The Box Office

“Encanto” made $12.38 million in its second weekend of distribution from 3,980 theatres in the United States and Canada. The film’s domestic total after two weeks is at $57.6 million, a 54 percent dip from its debut.

A 50% drop between its first and second weekends is comparable to those of Moana.

Ralph Breaks the Internet in 2018, and ‘Frozen II’ in 2019 (with a drop of only 45 percent). Prior Disney animated films had higher domestic box office openings during a pandemic, but they were not showing in theatres.

Disney yet again leads the box office this time by ‘Encanto’
Disney yet again leads the box office this time by ‘Encanto’


 “Encanto” is doing well at the box office by COVID-19 norms. After a 30-day theatrical run, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “family-friendly” adventure will premiere on Disney Plus.

The majority of box office earnings have been accounted for by “Encanto” and other holdovers such as House of Gucci and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Steven Spielberg’s version of “West Side Story” and Tom Holland’s comic book adventure “Spider-Man: No Way Home” hit theatres on December 10 and December 17, respectively.

Despite the fact that big-budget films have begun to return to theatres and COVID-19 vaccines for younger children have been approved, movie theatre attendance has remained low.

'Encanto' by Disney Leads Another Quiet Weekend at the Box Office
‘Encanto’ by Disney Leads Another Quiet Weekend at the Box Office

Box Office Sales

Still, Hollywood studios and exhibitors are hoping that the December 22 release of “The Matrix: Resurrections,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and “The Matrix: Reloaded” will be enough to improve ticket sales.

Until then, theatre owners will have to make do with whatever they can find. In the domestic box office, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” came in second, House of Gucci came in third, and Marvel’s comic book epic “Eternals” arrived in fifth.

Fathom Events’ “Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers” came in fourth place. The series “The Chosen,” which follows Jesus Christ from his conception until his crucifixion, has a Christmas special. During the three-day weekend, “The Messengers” is expected to gross $4 million.

Fathom Events

 Fathom Events expanded the run to 10 nights across 1,700 cinemas after receiving an unprecedented $1.5 million in presales in the first 12 hours.

“Afterlife” grossed $10.35 million in its third weekend of play from 4,059 North American cinemas. When it reaches $100 million in the United States on Sunday, it will have reached a significant pandemic-era milestone. “Afterlife,” which is only available in theatres, will have grossed an amazing $101 million by the conclusion of the weekend.

Warner Bros. Made A Comeback To IMAX

Warner Bros. and Legendary’s “Dune” made a triumphant comeback to IMAX theatres this weekend for one more hurrah with premium formats.

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, sales of the Denis Villeneuve-directed sci-fi movie dropped only 16%.

Despite only showing in four theatres, MGM and United Artists Releasing’s “Licorice Pizza” proved popular with independent audiences. Despite a 35% decline from its first weekend, Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest picture grossed $223,000 in its second weekend. The per-theater averages for the film’s first weekend were the highest in a pandemic.

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